Perfect Foil by Perfect Hair
Emossed hair foil

Sick of cutting your own foil?? Or maybe you're sick of paying too much for pre-cut foil. We hear you!

We would like to introduce our new embossed PERFECT FOIL! Our pre-cut hair foil is engineered to deliver superior colour application and precise detailing, making it a must-have in every stylist's toolkit.
Hair foil is integral in creating high-definition highlights, balayage, and ombre techniques. Using our pre-cut hair foil not only reduces your preparation time but also ensures consistent sizing for every application. This means more time spent perfecting your colouring techniques rather than fussing with foil cutting and preparation.

At, we understand that efficiency and precision are essential to deliver outstanding results. Our pre-cut hair foil is designed for easy folding and placement, preventing slippage and ensuring your colour stays exactly where it should. Whether you are a professional stylist or a DIY hair enthusiast, our hair foil will transform your colouring experience, making it more seamless and efficient.

Perfect Hair has always produced products that are designed to provide maximum results for hairdressers, saving time and money.


No need to cut foil! Perfect Foil is pre-cut embossed and ready to use!
Perfect Foil comes in a box of 500 embossed sheets to keep you going for longer! The box allows the foil to remain flat and makes it easy to dispense each sheet! They’re do not crease easily and have a fold at the top for ease of application.

Our pre-cut of foil are available in two sizes to help you achieve the perfect colour!

Standard Size 14cm x 27.5cm with a 2cm fold (babylites)

Balayage Foil: 20cm 45cm with a 2cm fold

Environmental friendly, our foils and the box are 100% recyclable

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