Unlike some keratin-based smoothers, our Relaxing Charcoal Hair Treatment repairs the strands, restructuring the hair fibre without damaging its molecular structure and affecting the natural texture. As a result, this fantastic treatment replenishes hair health in the first application and gives you long-lasting frizz-free hair.
The Charcoal Relaxing Treatment is perfect for all hair types, especially thick, frizzy and stubborn hair. Those with very curly or wavy hair also benefit from this treatment, as it doesn’t completely straighten the hair, only helps make it silky, smooth and frizz free.
You can also use it if you have chemically treated hair-coloured, relaxed and other chemical processes. A new colour can be applied a week after having the relaxer done. It’s enough to prevent fading. This treatment will also improve the strength and health of your tresses. That is why we strongly recommend using the Charcoal Relaxer Treatment if you have had any type of hair extensions or chemical services recently.
The Charcoal Relaxer Treatment is a semi-permanent treatment that naturally relaxes your hair between 60% and 80% depending on the hair type. Waves and curls will gradually return within two to four months. The Charcoal Relaxer Treatment is recommended even once a month for significantly damaged hair, as the smoothing effect will slowly fade out of the hair.

How is the treatment done? 

Your hairdresser should do the whole process in the salon. They will professionally use heat to finish the treatment, which is essential to smoothing and closing the cuticle. It will also protect your hair from further damage and lock in moisture, which will make each strand softer and more immune to environmental stressors.

The thick consistency of the product helps to weigh down the hair during the processing time to achieve remarkable results that will last until the hair grows out; then, another application will be required. There is no risk of irritation, no discomfort or fumes during the treatment.


Get back that healthy-looking hair and glossy texture with this powerful infusion of keratin and charcoal extracts without removing the structural integrity of your hair. Restore strand resiliency, add shine and smoothness and speed up styling with much more manageable hair in just one appointment.

Taking care of your hair has never been easier once the Relaxing Charcoal Hair Treatment is applied - your hairstyle will no longer be affected by sweat, humidity or rain. Some minimal and effortless styling may be required, nothing much more than a simple blow-drying in some cases, while it is ‘wash and go’ for others.

Lasts up to 2-4 months
Smooth's up to 60-70%
Doesn't make the hair flat
No fumes, irritation or discomfort while having the treatment done
It is recommended you colour your hair a week after having the Charcoal Relaxing Treatment done to avoid fading your hair colour.

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The power of charcoal

It is a win-win! On top of the benefits of keratin-infused and amino acids technology, activated charcoal powder is an ingredient that acts as a deep cleanser for the scalp. It prevents impurities that can clog the hair follicle, helping it grow unhindered without looking heavy and flat. The best nutrients from treatments are received and quickly absorbed with a clear path, smoothing and rejuvenating the hair

Use our Charcoal Hair Treatment aftercare products Perfect Hair Charcoal Shampoo, Conditioner & Mask to prolong all the effects of the treatment. Our Charcoal Hair Shampoo is sodium chloride and sulphate free to ensure the longevity of your charcoal treatment and hair extensions. Achieve that look and feel smoother hair, shinier, healthier and frizz-free for much longer. 

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