The Guava Latino™ Keratin Smoothing System is a professional salon-only hair smoothing treatment and intense restorative treatment designed to help you finally take control of your hair. You'll achieve smooth, manageable, healthy, shiny hair that lasts up to 4 months. The results can vary depending on the condition and hair type. It's critical you use the Guava Latino Keratin Aftercare products to maintain the results of the smoothing keratin. If you do, the results are remarkable.

The treatment itself takes between 2.5 to 3 hours for longer hair and is only done by your hairdresser. Guava Latino Keratin also comes with specific shampoo and conditioners designed to prolong the smoothing effect of the treatment. These keratin-infused take-home products are available from your hair salon.


Keratins are naturally occurring proteins that make up to 70-80% of our hair. As we mature and chemically alter our hair, we can lose a substantial amount of natural keratin, leaving it dull, frizzy, coarse and unmanageable. Guava Latino's blend of keratin proteins and unique amino acids penetrate deep into the hair as well as coating the cuticle layer. It works through disulphide bond realignment but doesn't damage the essential hair fibre.

Unlike some keratin smoothing treatments, Guava Latino Keratin replenishes the condition of the hair without changing or damaging its molecular structure. It's a highly effective yet safe formula that provides the maximum amount of hair smoothing, without any trace of formaldehyde. That's right, it's 100% formaldehyde-free!


Some keratin smoothing products are claiming to be formaldehyde-free but the truth is that trace elements of this chemical can be generated during the hair smoothing process. The new Guava Latino in salons now has 0% formaldehyde, nor is any trace of formaldehyde released at the time of the treatment or after the treatment is done.


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Guava Latino Keratin smoothes and relaxes hair.
One treatment, two fantastic results –
smooth and healthy hair in the one sensational treatment!